How to calculate the air volume of HEPA Filter?


 1.The rated air volume of the HEPA filter are decide by the air velocity and filter area.


Generally, the rated air velocity of HEPA filter between 0.3-0.6m/s, and the median value can be 0.45; For example, HEPA filter size 484x484x220mm, the air volume will be 1000m³/h.



The detail calculate way is,Regarding to national standard dimension 484x484x220mm HEPA filter, the rated air volume is 1000m³/h, and the initial resistance is 200pa. The number of filter paper fold is 28 folds/10cm, the effective area of filter paper is calculated as 0.475x0.475x0.280x0.2x2=25.27 square meters, please note 0.475 is the effective length of the filter paper, 0.475 is the effective width of the filter paper, and 280 is the filter paper folded in double layers base on 1 meters. 0.2 is the actual height of the filter paper.The section air velocity of the filter paper: 1000/3600/25.27=0.011m/s,In a word,when the section air velocity of the filter paper is 0.011m/s, the initial resistance of the filter paper is 200pa.


2.Commonly use dimension and air volume of HEPA filter


Deep pleat HEPA Filter


1、610x610x150 Air volume 850~1000m³/h


2、484x484x220 Air volume 1000m³/h


3、305x610x292 Air volume 850~1000m³/h


Mini pleat HEPA Filter


1、305x305x69 Air volume 250m³/h


2、610x610x69 Air volume 850~1000m³/h


3、1170x570x69 Air volume 100~1500m³/h


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